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Artist & Broadcaster
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Here are a few examples of my work to date. It does not represent a complete catalogue of paintings done or that are for sale. If you are interested in buying a painting shown or wish to see others that are not shown please contact me.

Rationale & mission statement (why not?!)

Landscapes and seascapes dominate my work as a painter. A sense of place and a feeling for atmosphere is very important to me because it connects to my feelings about the function of art.

Art is about communication. The great artists of the past teach us that there is a deeper level of meaning in everything if you know how to find it, and that the inner feelings of many people can be illuminated by the inner feelings of an individual. To do this, I feel that artists ought to express their experiences in a language that can be understood by many, and that this is why poor art communicates very little except puzzlement and, sadly often these days, self-indulgence.

I see it as an artist’s duty to create work that interacts with the emotions. This doesn't necessarily mean that my job as a painter is just to create positive feelings through images of beauty; it must also mean that I should create images that provoke thought or that explore the darker side of human experience. Art should reflect life.

Please note….

Generally speaking, unframed paintings start at around £350, but they can cost a lot more if they are particularly time-consuming and/or expensively framed. Please contact me if you want to know the cost of something you see.

I do not normally sell paintings through a gallery or dealer, which saves you money and me overheads, but when I do exhibit through galleries their commission will have to be added to the sale price. Picture frames are normally included in the price (except for antique frames), but note that not all pictures are framed. Most (but not all) of these paintings are available as high quality prints, please enquire for details [go to Contact]. Some are also available as blank greetings cards.

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