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Artist & Broadcaster
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Television work

Gauguin’s ‘Nativity’ Te Tamari No Atua, one programme in ‘The Private Life of a Masterpiece’ series, BBC2, 2006

This was an unusual programme for me - a documentary in which I played the part of Gauguin himself; hence the wig and ‘skirt’. It was more a matter of convenience than anything else; I know about his unusual methods and materials and I happened to be exactly the same age as him when he painted his ‘Nativity’. I also have a vaguely Gauguin-esque nose.

More importantly though, I was an hisorical advisor to the programme, and helped out with an inovative computer graphic sequence showing the development of the painting from blank canvas to finished masterpiece. ‘The Private Life of a Masterpiece’ is an irregular series that has been highly praised by critics and has proved to be very popular with the public, which makes it all the more odd that the BBC has decided to stop making these programmes. All part of TV dumbing down? You decide.