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Artist & Broadcaster
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Television work

Raphael – A Mortal God, BBC2, 2004

This was the third ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’ renaissance artist that I’ve dealt with for the BBC. The programme concentrated on the angelic reputation of this often misunderstood painter. The reality was that he was a freakishly precocious firebrand who was resented by most of his contemporaries; it was an every day story of lust, ambition and a romantically early death.

My main contribution was, once again, to talk about how and why he painted as he did, in this case centring on Raphael's portrait of his girlfriend called ‘La Fornarina’. This is the only programme I’ve ever been in where I’ve described a painting as being “full of rampant sexuality”. I have never managed to fit those words into any descriptions of Claude Monet’s work…yet.

Leo Raphael