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Artist & Broadcaster
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Television work

Sunflowers, one programme in ‘The Private Life of a Masterpiece’ series, BBC2, 2004

Like the aircraft Concorde, people have the strange but wrong impression that there was only ever one thing created with this name. There isn’t just one painting of sunflowers by Van Gogh; there are several. In this programme I added to the series with one of my own as a demonstration of his methods.

This ‘fake’ was based loosely on the version in London’s National Gallery. Somehow the plastic sunflowers seen behind me in this photograph seemed to take on a philosophical dimension.

In the programme I also discussed the motivation behind the paintings and how his ‘insanity’ was not the cause of his bold and surprisingly misunderstood techniques, but rather it came from an intense obsessive meticulousness. Whoa; that is a kind of insanity isn’t it? Discuss!