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Artist & Broadcaster
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Buy Paintings

Some of the paintings shown in my paintings section [go to Paintings] are for sale, please assume that those that are not marked as sold are still for sale, although this may not always be the case if the website is not right up to date. Please contact me if you want to know about the availability of any specific paintings[go to Contact].

PLEASE NOTE: Some paintings are intended to be part of a theme and so although a painting shown on the website may be shown as having been sold there may be other paintings on the same theme that will become available as time goes on, for example 'Moonstones','Tide', 'The Other Side' and so on.

Unless the paintings are on exhibition they can only be seen by appointment [please go to Contact and also see FAQs].

Please note that galleries or agent’s commission may be applicable to the sale price of paintings if they are on public display outside of my studio.


You can easily and safely buy paintings from Leo via PayPal. Once a price has been agreed Leo will send you a PayPal invoice by email, and when that’s paid the painting is yours!