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A closer look

Blickling Hall, Norfolk.

Oil on canvas, 90cm x 72cm

Blickling Hall

The name Blickling probably originates from the family or followers of someone called Blicla. This magnificent Jacobean house was largely re-built over a medieval original by Sir Henry Hobart between 1619 and 1626. Later additions were made by the Earl of Buckinghamshire in the 18th century. Blickling Hall is now owned and run by the National Trust.

The world within and the world without.

Rainy weather need not be miserable. Mood is a response that sometimes needs to be reflected on. Listen to the quiet ticking of rain; its serenity, its completeness. Watch as a passing shower intensifies colours. Sometimes there is a luminosity in the shadows, especially during ‘rainbow weather’, when shafts of light can penetrate scudding clouds suggesting hope and change.

The past was once the present, just as the present will soon be the past. Give yourself time to connect.

This is one of three of my paintings that are available as glossy high-quality folded greetings cards that are blank inside, making them suitable for many occasions – birthdays, Christmas, Easter, or ‘thank you’ cards, etc. [see ‘Buy prints and cards’] This card has the above text on the back of it.