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Frequently asked questions

…..and some of my frequently given answers…

1.Q. “Can I just pick your brains about….”

A. I try to be as helpful as I can, it’s in my nature, but there’s a dividing line between friendly guidance and professional advice. My time is very precious and so are my hard-won skills; they ought to be respected, but I might answer a simple question if it doesn’t take up too much of my time.

2.Q. “Will you teach me to [XYZ]?”

A. Generally speaking I can’t give one-to-one tuition and the only teaching I do is indirectly, for example via my work on TV, though I am willing to give one-off lectures on various topics.

3.Q. “Where can I see some of your paintings?”

A. I occasionally exhibit my work (see the ‘current projects’). In the summer I usually take part in the Artist’s Open Studio event in Brockley, south east London, which is an opportunity for the general public to see and buy my work directly from me. Otherwise, access to see my work is only possible by making a special appointment[see Contact].

4.Q. “How much does a painting [or sculpture] cost?”

A.“How long is a piece of string?” Seriously, this really is variable, and depends on the hours that are put into it, the cost of the materials, and expenses such as travel and research that are linked with producing it. Works of art are by their nature infinitely variable, so logically the costs must be as well. Generally speaking, unframed paintings start at around £350, but they can cost a lot more if they are particularly time-consuming and/or expensively framed. Please contact me if you want to know the cost of something you see.

5.Q. “Is there a catalogue or brochure of paintings available?”

A.I am in the process of compiling a list of the paintings I have for sale that I can email to people, please contact me if you wish to receive this. This website represents the range of my work, but isn’t necessarily representative of all that I have in stock at any one time. You may assume that any painting on the website not marked as sold is still for sale (though this may not be the case if my website isn’t right up to date). The best way to see what I have in hand is to come to London to see the work for yourself (also see question 3 above).

6.Q. “Where do you obtain your tools, materials and frames from?”

A. Firstly, please refer to question one. Secondly, I am fussy about the quality of my frames and materials and where I obtain them; some of my suppliers have taken me a lot of time and energy to find, and so in general I will not tell anyone from whom or where they are bought. All I will say is that many of my picture frames are bought at auction or from bespoke frame makers, and I always stretch and prime my own canvases. For my ‘old masters’ I will often grind my own pigments and paints just as they did, but for contemporary oil painters wanting to buy tubed oil paint of the highest quality ‘off the shelf’, here’s one tip I will give you, there is one manufacturer of oil paint that I can highly recommend and who simply can’t be beaten; Michael Harding.

7.Q. “What about issues of copyright?”

A. It is a common misconception that buying a work of art automatically means buying the copyright on it; it does not. Under UK law (The 1988 Copyright Act) all artists own the copyright on their work unless it has been specifically and legally agreed otherwise. No one is allowed to reproduce an artist’s work by any means without permission and this is true whoever owns it and however long it has been in the possession of the owner. Furthermore, under UK law, works of art are still the property of the artist’s estate for 75 years after the artist has died.

In the case of my work with reproducing sculpture [see sculpture], the copyright on the original remains with the owner of the original sculpture. Any issues of copyright to do with any reproduction(s) made from it are the responsibility of the owner of the original. Any moulds that are made remain the property of Leo Stevenson Fine Art Services (on the same basis as a photographer keeping his negatives), but no copies will be made without the permission of both the owner of the original and Leo Stevenson Fine Art Services.

8.Q. “Is there a catalogue of sculpture available?”

A. No. Nearly all of this work is specially done to commission on a strictly one-off basis. Regarding sculptural replicas, I do not make sculpture for sale beyond what has been agreed with the owner of the original that I copy.