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Here are some links to some admirable people who work in different creative fields and who I would highly recommend…

Gerald Garcia
Virtuoso guitarist, composer, photographer, and builder or this website!

Michael Harding
Maker of the best oil paints that money can buy; this is a man who cares about what he makes. He never compromises on quality. Whatever level you’re at, if you’re a painter and haven’t tried his paints yet, you’re in for treat! If you think his paint is ‘expensive’ then you’re probably not comparing like-for-like because almost all other oil paint manufacturers adulterate their paints with cheap fillers and substitute pigments so much that they rip off all who buy their products. Real oil paint isn’t ‘expensive’ when you consider that a little goes a long way. For example, if you compare the richness, purity and sheer covering power of Michael Harding’s range of cadmium reds and yellows to his rival’s products you’ll see what I mean!

‘Charivari agréable’
An outstanding group of musicians specialising in chamber music from about 1550-1750, but sometimes expanding the size of their group to play large scale baroque pieces with equal aplomb. With a prodigious knowledge of their subject, they play baroque music with a passion and clarity I’ve rarely heard elsewhere. The piece that accompanies the home page of this website is taken from their CD ‘The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book: transcriptions for a mixed consort’

The Dufay Collective’
Mixing scholarly depth with excitement, these dazzling musicians are best known for their performances of music from the medieval and early renaissance period. The group has made numerous radio, film and television appearances. One of their members, Peter Skuce, is also an excellent composer.

Jacob Heringman
A brilliant lutenist and musicologist. In my not-so-humble opinion, he's one of the top three lutenists in the world. Further proof - if it were needed - that quality in any field is inspirational!

George Underwood
An artist and illustrator who produces work that exudes an unusual power and magic. His work is wide-ranging and very beautiful in a hypnotic sort of way that's hard to describe - go to his website and see for yourself.

Mike Crook
Mike Crook is a brilliant musician and composer, but it’s hard to categorize his musical genre, you just have to hear him. His imagination and talent is just awesome. As a performer, his passion and focus is also something that’s not found too often in any type of music, and I’d particularly highly recommend his CD ‘Heart and Mind’’, which just gets better and better every time I hear it. Because my main musical tastes are usually worlds away from his very modern idiom, take it from me that his music must be something special to have impressed me so much!