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Press articles and comments

The press have had a few things to say about my work creating fakes and ‘old master’ copies over the years, but PLEASE note - though I do occasionally still paint fakes (i.e. invented paintings in other artist’s styles as shown and described here) I DO NOT PAINT DIRECT COPIES ANYMORE!

“One of Britain’s leading professional fine art fakers” (Virginia Mathews in the Daily Telegraph)

“Leo Stevenson is the most accomplished art forger in the world.” (Tom Stoddart in the Evening Standard)

“Leo Stevenson is the legitimate face of art forgery” (Forbes Magazine)

“A remarkably honest faker” (Julian Champkin in The Daily Mail)

“Master copyist” (Ian Gale in The Independent)

“Leo Stevenson is indisputably the finest copyist working today.” (James Christopher in Time Out)

“A fine exponent of authentic copies” (Tessa Souter in The Sunday Times)

“A leading copyist” (John McEntee in The Sunday Express)

“Master faker” (‘Londoner’s diary’ in The Evening Standard)Press articles and comments