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Artist & Broadcaster
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I also make sculpture, although I am not widely known for it. To distinguish between the painting side of my work and the sculpture (which also takes in jewellery and other small scale work) I often use the terms ‘2D’ for the former and ‘3D’ for the latter.

There are two sides to my sculptural work; works of art in their own right, and replicas of existing sculpture on all scales.

I have had sculptural work commissioned by many well-known institutions and organisations, including the Science Museum, English Heritage, the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Royal Academy, the Government (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) and Canary Wharf Plc, where a large bronze sculpture of mine was unveiled by the Major of London Ken Livingstone shortly after he took office for the first time in 2000.

Leo Stevenson Fine Art Services


Leo Stevenson Fine Art Services is a bespoke sculptural replication service, making high quality one-off (or limited edition) replicas of art. This service is a legacy of my years doing sculptural work at the British Museum making one-off replicas of objects in the museum’s collections, usually for other museums and as one-off commissions from private individuals. Over the years I have developed highly specialised skills in copying three dimensional works of art, learning or developing new processes all the time, many of which are unique to me. Although my paintings and TV work will always dominate my working life this service remains for those who want it.

A wide variety of objects can be replicated, from jewellery to coins, figurines to large scale sculpture. Whether your original is made from bronze, ivory, glass, iron, marble (or other stones), terracotta, gold, silver or wood, with years of experience in handling such objects there are few technical or practical barriers to what can be achieved. Replicas can be made using an extensive range of either traditional or ‘high-tech’ methods and materials.

PLEASE NOTE - I do not serially produce objects or make props for TV or film use.

Here are a few examples of my ‘3D’ work; where two or more identical objects are shown, can you tell which is the original and which is the replica?!

Click a picture to see a larger view.