Before you contact me please note –  

1.    If you are seriously interested in buying a painting from me then please contact me and I’ll let you know what’s available and the prices. You can also visit me but by appointment only. I will need to know in advance what you might be interested in (a lot of my past work is in storage and has to be retrieved to see it).

2.    Agents and representation – I used to have agents to represent me for both the TV side of my work as well as for the commissioning and sales of my paintings but I have had so many bad experiences with them that you can instead contact me directly here. I am, however, always keen to talk to any agent or gallery that might be willing to represent me if they are reasonable and we can be of mutual benefit.

3.    If you contact me with any technical questions I will try to be as helpful as I can but I cannot get into protracted correspondence unless this is connected with paid work. My time is precious and art is my job, it is not a hobby, and that should be respected. I do not teach except through my work on TV.

4.    I am sorry but I have temporarily stopped providing limited-edition prints of my paintings. If or when I get back to doing this I will let you know on this website.

I am based in Chichester, West Sussex.

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