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I can’t always update you on what I’m doing day-to-day, but I’ll do my best to keep you informed of what I’m up as often as I can. For example, my paintings are often time-consuming and so changes are subtle and slow.  Nevertheless, just to keep you hooked on to my fascinating website, here’s what’s going on now…

  • I will be taking part in the Chichester Art Trail event this year which was cancelled last year because of the pandemic and postponed this year. This event is all about artists in the area around where I live opening their studios (usually their homes) to the public so that their work can be seen in the context in which it was made and also talk to the artist. Please note that current Covid regulations are applicable so all visitors must comply with the law regarding face masks and registering when they arrive for the ‘Track and Trace’ to record of their names and contact details. For details about where I am and the other artists taking part please go to Chichester Open Studios Art Trail, West Sussex (
  • I have recently finished a painting called ‘The Calmness of Certainty (1)’ (see gallery 1 on this website). As the title implies this will be the first in a series of contemplative landscape paintings on the loose theme of the effect of nature on our mood and wellbeing. Watch this space!
  • My medium-to-long term aim is to have an exhibition of my best recent work in a gallery, and the search for this gallery goes on. I want to show the work in a good location and somewhere that I can trust and that is reasonable with their financial terms. Too many galleries have a dog and lamppost attitude towards artists and I am hopeful that wherever I show my work can be the start of a constructive and mutually respectful symbiotic business relationship. If any owner of such a gallery is interested in this then please contact me and make an appointment to see me and the work for themselves.
  • I will be posting videos about my work and other art here later, but meanwhile, in case you’ve not seen it, here is a little film based on my photographs taken in Poland in 2016. This is not about art. WARNING – this does contain some upsetting images:


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