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I can’t always update you on what I’m doing day-to-day, but I’ll do my best to keep you informed of what I’m up as often as I can. For example, my paintings are often time-consuming and so changes are subtle and slow.  Nevertheless, just to keep you hooked on to my fascinating website, here’s what’s going on now…

  • In September through to December 2019 I will have an exhibition of some of my work at the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth. This will be a mixture of a few fakes in other artist’s styles as well work in my own style (much more important!) – which will probably include my ‘Jubilee’ painting. This magnificent old theatre has been carefully restored  and my paintings will be the first to be shown there as part of an on-going visual arts programme, all done in conjunction with the Arts Council. I’ll confirm details and post a link as soon as I can but this might not be until late into September, so meanwhile keep an eye on my public Facebook page for more up-to-date information.
  • The prestigious American magazine Lifestyle will have a feature interview with me appearing soon for an arts issue (this is not to be confused with the UK publication with this name). Because a recent interviewee was Leonardo DiCaprio I’m wondering if there’s a theme developing here!
  • I have begun work on two ambitious and complex urban landscape paintings of London. These will be stunning showpiece paintings so will take a long time. Don’t hold your breath, but watch this space!
  • I will be posting videos about my work and other art here later, but meanwhile, in case you’ve not seen it, here is a little film based on my photographs taken in Poland in 2016. This is not about art. WARNING – this does contain some upsetting images:


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